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Good Prank
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New Paramore
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Of the new songs that I have heard, which are “Decode” and “Ignorance”, I am not impressed at all.

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Cambridge Police
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What do you do when you see a white man breaking into a home? Call the police.
What do you do when you see a mexican man breaking into a home? Call the police.
What do you do when you see a black man breaking into a home? Do nothing because that would be racist.

Now let’s say that you lost your keys and you had to break into your own home and now the cops are there asking you for identification to prove you are the resident. You show them your ID and they say thanks, sorry for the hassle, we just are being prudent. But if you are a black man and friends with Obama you say “NO I WILL NOT!”, “THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS TO BLACK MEN IN AMERICA!”, “YOU DON’T KNOW WHO YOUR MESSING WITH!”

Of course this is going to get you arrested. You haven’t established you are the resident and now you acted inappropriately. Don’t cry racist.

Now here is the other part. Now Mr. Hope and Change comes out and says “the Cambridge police acted stupidly in arresting somebody when there was already proof that they were in their own home.” Hey Barack, it’s time to stop the man is holding you back routine, you are the man. And don’t be so quick to judge without knowing the facts. That makes you prejudice. Did the police act stupidly? No. Did Gates prove he was the owner of the house? No.

I think you are the only one who is truly a racist here by automatically thinking it’s the “white” police force just arrested random black men. And another piece of advice, when you are going to cry racist, make sure that there aren’t any black men on the police force that were there first hand.


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Haven’t posted anything worthwhile in a while. I just haven’t thought anything was that interesting or important to post. Here is what has been going on.

Trying to find the reset button. Things haven’t been going well. Lots of bad luck for the month of July.

It finally started raining. I guess its because I washed the Excursion last week. Couldn’t make it one week with a clean car. The government should pay me to wash my car once a week to end droughts.

Had a homeless guy throw imaginary bananas at me. Maybe they were kiwis, but I am pretty sure they were bananas.

Reinstalled Gallery on my Web Site and got most of the stuff uploaded. Resized everything to a larger size. I lost some resolution and things look a little grainy, but the images fit a little better for higher resolution screens.

State Budget Crisis
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In an earlier post I compared the relationship between poverty levels to democratic governors. Here is another analysis that I picked up today. ABC ran this article about the Top Ten States With The Worst Budget Problems. I decided to relate it to the 2008 electoral votes for President. Here is what it concluded.

California – Obama,
Arizona – McCain, Democratic Governor for the past two terms.
Nevada – Obama
Illinois – Obama
New York – Obama
Alaska – McCain, I hope Palin doesn’t run in 2012. She is not what the GOP needs.
New Jersey – Obama
Oregon – Obama
Vermont – Obama
Washington – Obama
Conneticut – Obama

This is what I can conclude. Poverty loves democrats and democrats love poverty. When the two gain the majority our nation is in trouble. Wait, isn’t that already happening?

Take My Hand Remix
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Favorite Cab song + favorite female vocalist = Awesome Remix

I jsut wish these tow groupd would be on tour again. I can’t believe I missed it the frist time.

Take My Hand (Remix)

Delorean Repo
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I couldn’t stop laughing while watching this. I still am laughing about it while I write this.

US System of Measurment vs. The Metric System
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I think we have almost won the battle for worldwide domination in measurement. I actully had to lookup America’s system of measurement to find out what it was called. I thought it was the Imperial, which is a correct answer, i guess. This system is so messed up we don’t even know what to call it; the Imperial, the American, the English system of measurement.

Here is a map of people who use the American system. Its us, Liberia, and Burma.
Metric_system (Custom)

I say we just give up and go to the metric system even if we have some idiots doing 120 MPH because the forgot it is really 120 K/hr.

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I think I am goign to wipe out my old install of Gallery and start from scrap, even wiping out the old SQL database. This will also give me a chance to resize all my pictures to a larger size.

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Just got the most bizarre quote of 2009 from Nicole,

“Don’t be offended, but your new deodorant reminds me of Christmas”