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Bush Got Cs, Obama Failed Lunch. Classic!
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Important Current Events Made Easy
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In case you don’t know what is happening in Massachusetts and how it affects us all as a nation, here is a good commentary by Jon Stewart.

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BTW, way to be bipartisan Obama, rush in to Massachusetts to help a Democrat out.

4Runner Heated Seat Install
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I added a new write up in my pages section. The permalinks are at the top right. Check it out.

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Although it’s good to see an Arizona team on the favorable side of the whistle for once, I don’t know how much more of the bandwagoning I listen to. Its times like this, and the previous year where everyone starts talking football and offering all their knowledge and insight into the game. Let’s face it, Phoenix must be one of the most inept football crowds there is and this week it will be at critical mass. I will be much happier when it gets back to some underwhelming team that plays on the Westside and is owned by some clown that wears bolo tie and everyone stops making FB posts about the Red Birds.

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I am glad we kept his word instead of trying to jam it through Congress without really letting the public be informed.

I am also grateful that he kept his promise on pork spending, being a post-party president and the economy being his first priority.