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December 16th, 2009 under Uncategorized

Got our first snowboarding trip in for the season and we really had to work for it. We decided to go Wolf Creek near Pagosa Springs, Colorado since they have gotten a lot of snow and were expecting more during the weekend we were there. We left Phoenix at 11:30 PM. On the way up Nicole got some stomach bug and was puking the entire way up. We got to Wolf Creek about 9:30 and Nicole decided to stay off the board and in the car. Luke and I went and checked out the mountain. The evening we hit up some hot springs at a resort. This was pretty cool. They had about 20 different tubs, that ranged in temps from 85 to 115. They also had stairs down to the San Juan river, which Luke and I got into and dunked ourselves. Don’t know how cold it was but the air was in the 20s and it was snowing. That night it snowed about 6 to 8 inches so conditions were going to be perfect for powder the next day and they were. On Sunday it kept snowing. It must have dumped another 16 inches. By this point the powder was getting too deep for our boards and we kept getting stuck on the flatter areas. That afternoon it became white out conditions so we decided to call it a day and start our trip back to Phoenix. Getting back to the car, we found that snow was piled up to the bumpers and we had to dig out some snow just to open the doors. This was the first time I have ever needed a locking differential. We used that and 4wheel low to get out of the parking lot. After getting out of the parking lot we found out that the road back to Pagosa Springs was indefinitely closed due to an avalanche. This made our trip back a lot longer. We ended up having to drive north then east and then down to Santa Fe in order to get back to Phoenix. This added 220 miles to the trip, let alone the winter driving conditions. After 13 hours of driving we finally made it back to Phoenix at 5AM.



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[ # 14520 ] Comment from D. West Davies [December 17, 2009, 8:47 am]

Sorry you had to deal with so much snow. If you had waited just a couple of the days the snowboarding would have been great. Thanks for sharing your story. Check out my Pagosa Springs videos on my YouTube channel: youtube.com/westdavies.

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