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3 Guage Install

I have been wanting to do this for a long time but was hesitant because I didn’t want to spend the $800 to have it done and I felt that I wasn’t qualified to do it myself. After some time and getting closer to pulling the trigger and having Strictly Diesel do it, I was doing some online research and got the idea that I may be able to do it myself. I found a great kit at DieselManor for $350 which included all the miscellaneous parts that would be needed. After reading a few post and the instructions that were online I figured I could get through the install myself and it would be a good learning experience, my only worry was drilling and tapping the exhaust manifold. Yes, that was foreshadowing if you didn’t pick it up.

I got everything ready and started on Saturday around noon. The instructions said about four hours to complete, I figured it would take me five since I didn’t have the car on a lift and all my tools laid out. I quickly learned that the instructions jumped around and were a little difficult to follow. I found myself reading paragraphs three or four times trying to figure how it applied to this 8000lb vehicles in front of me. Four hours went by and I wasn’t close to done and I had discovered my first hurdle, the exhaust manifold drill and tap. I got through it, but it took me two trips to Lowes and one to Home Depot and an extra day of work.

Below are some of the pictures, some I took, most I borrowed from DieselManor because I was too wrapped up with greasy hands to take additional pics.

Getting the gauge pod painted, it comes black and it takes about five coats to get it good.
Painting Guages

Pulling the stock pillar off.

After getting the gauges all wired into the pods and the stock pillar.

Pull the firewall plug, put two holes in it with grommets.

Wiring up through the dash to pillar location.

Cut the MAP sensor tube and insert T fitting for tube that goes to boost gauge.

Removing plug in transmission pan.

Transmission Sender installed.

This is what took me so long this stupid hole.
Tapped hole

Picture with the pyrometer installed.

Gauges installed. Everything worked first time. What a relief.

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[ # 5023 ] Comment from Fenders [March 6, 2008, 7:40 pm]

In the first photo, it looks like CHEEZ-IT’s are buy one, get one free… Get on that!

Nicely done with the gauge install Hermo… I knew you could do it!


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